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she who hangs out in libraries
11 April 2013 @ 04:04 pm
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Why do you think I love you? ♥ 

While you're at it, check out these Awesome People:

&; the All to my Everything (Sookie to my Lorelei; Rory to my Lorelei; Lane to my Rory; Luke to my Lorelei)

&; the Buffy to my Willow (Gwen to my Morgana; Brooke to my Peyton)

&; the Doctor to my Donna

&; the Oz to my Willow
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the voices in my head say: The Chain -Fleetwood Mac
she who hangs out in libraries
I need a place to put my feels. Tumblr is for pretty pictures, Livejournal is for words about the fictional characters that hurt me.

If you'd care to step this way, you'll find yourself in a BOATLOAD OF FEELSCollapse )

she who hangs out in libraries
16 September 2012 @ 11:45 pm

So I went to see Florence + the Machine tonight and it was incredible! Absolutely sublime. My magical fairy princess of the woodland with a voice to move mountains and drown armies. ♥

Lovely parts of this evening: 

1. On the scrolling text board during set-up, there was not only a Doctor Who reference, but a Sherlock Holmes quote, too!

2. Only If For a Night has never made me cry before...but she opened with it, and like magic, there I was, crying with joy. It continued through Drumming Song, too.

3. Spectrum, however, did not make me sob like a baby, like I had expected. I was torn between crying and laughing and I really did not know what my feelings were doing, but my stomach ached a bit from being so involved in the emotional process. Oh, it was glorious. My London song, embroiled in so many memories and moments, I love it so.

4. Dog Days Are Over is not one of my more favoritest (I don't have any songs of hers I dislike, but it's just that there are some absolutely incredible and fantastic songs and Dog Days gets a lot of attention and I think there are others that deserve that attention) but, oh god, she got us all up on our feet and we jumped together and danced and it was splendid. 

5. She is the most adorable thing ever, omg. *_*

she who hangs out in libraries
28 August 2012 @ 11:32 pm

I must admit...I really haven't missed LJ all that much. I miss you guys! But I don't really miss blogging. Since England, my life has been busy, but not terribly interesting. Not really blog-worthy. 

This summer, I:

  • played Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • took a math class (that may or may not actually count for my math credit. Dammit, 'seo, get yourself together)
  • worked on the archaeological dig in my area
  • drank lots of cider

I am now back at school for my senior year (ahhhhhhhhhhhh) and really excited! Classes I am taking: 

  • Classical Anthropological Theory (our senior seminar)
  • Qualitative Research Methods in Anthropology*
  • Myths & Folklore of Native North Americans
  • Ethnography and Film
  • *I am also my favorite professor's research assistant this semester, which is a) awesome, b) looks good on a resume and c) I get paid! However, I'm getting nervous. I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing, what I'm supposed to be doing, and it's going to be a lot harder than I thought. 

Danes is all gradumacated, but he's close by, so I'm seeing him every other weekend, supposedly. He helped me move in last weekend, which was nice. We're still doing well; almost at 2.5 years, crazy! 

I read a whole ton of books this summer, most notably:

  • the most recent Nightside
  • the second-to-last Drood book (both Simon R. Green)
  • and the entire Ruth Galloway series of archaeological mysteries set in England (ugh, I don't really like Ruth, but the stories are so addicting)
  • and I'm in the middle of Oscar Wilde and the Vatican Murders
Also, there is tv!
  • I got halfway through True Blood and then my computer died (I'm using my dad's old one and I'm getting one for my birfday)
  • I also just recently got into Luther (SO. GOOD.)
  • And Roomie has just been showing me Death Note and I like it

Here, have some neo-swing-rockabilly that is my current obsession

Hi, my lovelies. Catch me up on your lives! 
she who hangs out in libraries
23 July 2012 @ 10:32 pm

And making me feel feelings!

Spoilahs!Collapse )

Where did my happy-go-lucky show about a family go? I like the drama but I miss you, happy!W13
she who hangs out in libraries
23 June 2012 @ 12:56 pm

It's one of those days where all I want to do is lie on the living room floor and listen to pop-punk (what exactly would you call this? Wannabe punk? I mean, I love Towers of London, but idk, Are they considered punk?) with the windows and doors wide open while it rains.

Which is exactly what I am doing.

Summer thunderstorms are the best, but I'm feeling restless. Again. Mergle.
she who hangs out in libraries
And they called Hitchcock the master of suspense.

Hi, hello, yes, I'm back home and in need of somewhere else to put my thoughts other than just my little red Moleskine. Well, I may not need it, but I certainly want it.

Things that are happening in my life:
  •  Rehearsal starts today! Remember when I joined a local theatre "company" (community theatre, is that a company?) that specializes in Shakespeare? Yes, well, I'm still with them and we're finally doing Midsummer! I'm playing Hermia, which should be fun. "Though she be but little, she is fierce!"
  • I'll be taking a math class later in the summer (ugh!) because of credit mishaps due to studying abroad--and I would rather take it at an easier college like the local SUNY than my school, which is tough enough in subjects that I like/am good at. And I'm absolute rubbish at math.
  •  I'm hoping to do the dig again this summer. Yay, archaeology!
  •  I am missing London/Kingston/England like nobody's business, but keeping busy will be good. Anything that keeps my mind off what I'm missing.
  • I'm trying to write again. I just really need an outlet for things I'm thinking and feeling but, like a terrible writer but a normal human being, I'm having trouble translating emotions and thoughts that don't actually have words into the English language.

Exciting things that have happened in the past week or so:
  • I saw Frankenstein! Both versions and I loved them both and everything was incredible. I preferred Benedict's Victor, because he brought far more vulnerability and sympathy to him, but I cannot choose between the two Creatures. Both were excellent in their own way; JLM's was more childlike and fun, while Benedict's was more like a developmentally disabled man, which was both a very interesting take and slightly uncomfortable (the way a good performance should be).
  • I finally saw the light (or the dark, as the case may be) and have started watching True Blood. Lordamercy.
And that's about it. Toodle-loo!
she who hangs out in libraries
08 June 2012 @ 11:19 am

This is the song I was listening to when I first walked through London in January. It's been my favorite song throughout the semester and I could write pages on pages of what it means to me.

In 24 hours, I'll be chilling in Dublin on a layover, waiting for my flight to Boston and then a drive all the way home.

Home. I'm not really sure what that word means to me anymore. Home can be a place, a person, a song, a book. Home is wherever you feel safe and happy. My hometown is home, the same house I've grown up in all my conscious life; my school is home, full of people I like; my small attic bedroom here is home, comfy-cozy; Spectrum is home; wandering through the streets of London is home.

I had more to say, but I'm feeling rather dazed at the moment, so I'll just leave this here. My London song, the one that gives me goosebumps and tears when I'm in the right mood, with ballet.
she who hangs out in libraries
01 June 2012 @ 01:11 am
And quick on the heels of the whiny post comes a happy post. (I'm starting to sense a pattern...)

I just saw Chris Peck live!!! asklhhklahgd I've been madly in love with his voice since sophomore year of high school, when Boy Kill Boy's Back Again was on a Nine/Jack mix I dl'ed and then they broke up and I was gutted and then I lost track of what he was doing and then Chris Peck & The Family Tree popped up and it's so incredibly different from BKB but it's still wonderful lyrics and that incredible voice of his and I despaired of ever seeing him/BKB live and now I've seen him and this band and I'm so fucking pumped because I got to see this guy live.

I saw him play guitar and sing, saw the silly faces he makes when he sings, saw him standing around and drinking with his mates, saw him walk by me looking like a sexy hobo (a big-ass beard and indecently tight pants makes a sexy, sexy hobo) and I'm fairly certain we made eye contact for half a second (maybe even 45 milliseconds) and I am so fucking jazzed right now. It's amazing.

Is this what it's like for you bandom people? All you people who get to follow your bands around and watch them evolve and feel the incredible charge of a live show? If so, then I absolutely understand now.

I did a whole post on Chris Peck, BKB and this band back in December, so I'll just link that instead of relinking the videos and such.
she who hangs out in libraries
10 May 2012 @ 06:24 pm
I hear you gasp in shock at the title! V, doing a proper TILT again? Quick, check if the pigs have taken flight!

Yes, it's been a while since I've done a TILT and this really doesn't count as one, I don't think. It's mainly just me rambling about things I like to cheer me up because today has been very weird indeed.